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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a computer/brain interface, encouraging and training your brain to be calmer/ more alert/ less fearful depending on the 'protocol' decided on, after a simple brain assessment. Sensors are placed on your head and the computer shows how the brain is working in real time. Nothing comes back from the computer to your head, its very safe!

'Training' is done by playing music and when your brain is using the waves we're targeting the music plays, it rewards you a percentage of the time and your brain works hard to hear the music play more. It works particularly well in conjunction with psychotherapy, as potentially the brain may trigger some deep healing work.

It’s very straightforward and measurable.

It is said to work on the majority of people and it’s possible to do whilst on medication. It is advisable to eat/drink healthily, take care of food intolerances and monitor screen use whilst undertaking Neurofeedback to get the best and quickest results.

Who would benefit?

Neurofeedback has been shown to work particularly well for anxiety, depression, PTSD (and developmental trauma), chronic pain, ADHD and addictions. I’ve had good success with clients with anxiety, trauma, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, labyrinthitis, restless leg syndrome and am also working with clients with low mood, OCD, volatility and problems with focus and foggy thinking amongst other things.

How many sessions are needed?

Simple issues may take 20 or so sessions, but more long standing issues could require 40 - 80 sessions or even more. The idea is to train until the brain is re-tuned thoroughly, and this is then long lasting - you may need a top up once a month, once every six weeks.

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I'm excited about the possibilities of neurofeedback, especially for people who have tried 'everything' and nothing seems to work.

Neurofeedback has worked well for me, it’s been life changing, and my clients too have been experiencing its benefits.

A Brainwave Assessment is £50, for a one and a quarter hours initial consultation. Neurofeedback ('brain training') from then on is £40/session. This includes psychotherapeutic support as well as training.

I offer a ‘pay as you can afford' Stroud Neurofeedback clinic, suggested donations of £20-35 per session. A waiting list is in operation.

I am insured and work with both a supervisor and a neurofeedback mentor.

For more information about neurofeedback please visit my dedicated neurofeedback website:

Alternatively click on the frequently asked questions tab for more information about psychotherapy and the way I work. 

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