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Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback




What do I offer?

I provide a safe, confidential environment to help you explore a range of life issues. The issues that lead people to seek therapy may be general or specific and could include:

  • Searching for ways to understand yourself better and gain more fulfillment in life, you may be feeling overwhelmed, stuck, confused…
  • Experiencing stress or anxiety related to work or home life.
  • Recovery from addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling.. and codependency
  • Struggling with issues relating to relationships
  • You may realise that your patterns are holding you back and therapy can help get some perspective on this, and to find more supportive ways of being
  • Having difficulty adjusting to traumatic life events, including bereavement or loss, physical injury and ageing.

What is your approach?

There is no need to understand the underlying theories of psychotherapy to benefit from what it can offer, but if you are interested, my therapeutic approach is grounded in empathy and attunement, and draws mainly from Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and person-centred approaches, all of whom see people being born ‘OK'. I work with phenomenology which is about how our bodies give us clues about what might be going on for us unconsciously and also look at the way we create life scripts and communicate with each other in ways that work… and ways that don't. I also draw from Relational, Attachment and Developmental theories which focus on the way we interact with people and how life experiences (often from a very young age) can influence us outside our awareness.

I am very interested in 'neuropsychotherapy' (bringing the best of emerging understandings of brain science to psychotherapy) and the possibilities of using the computer/brain interface, neurofeedback, to help regulate our brains.

How will I know if this therapy is right for me?

Research shows that successful therapy is highly dependent on the quality of the relationship between therapist and client.

I offer all potential clients an initial free session to meet me and discuss what you are looking for from therapy. This is a free 'no obligation' meeting and will give you an opportunity to get a sense of whether you feel you will feel we will be able to work well together, and also to ask any initial questions you have.

How long do therapy sessions last?

Each therapy session lasts for an hour. We would normally agree to meet on a weekly basis for 6 sessions and then review progress on a rolling basis. I work both short and long term.

Are sessions confidential?

The content of our sessions is confidential to you and me. I work with a supervisor who focuses on my work with you, to give you a better experience. I occasionally write in journals or speak at conferences about my work, and write social media posts, which may would not include any identifying details. I will make sure I have your permission to do this. There are also exceptional circumstances where there is a risk to yourself or to others when I might break confidentiality, but even in this situation, I would try to involve you in any decision to breach confidentiality.

How much do sessions cost?

My standard fee is £45 a session.

How is your work supervised?

I receive regular clinical supervision from a senior clinical supervisor who is responsible for assessing my competence and reviewing my professional practice. I like to think of this as double support for you.

Is your therapy place accessible for wheelchairs?

The therapy room is on the ground floor accessed by two steps (and the bathroom is one floor up 2nd floor).

Do you comply with any recognised standards?

I abide by the Code of Ethics in Professional Practice of the Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership, which is consistent with the standards set by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

For more information please email Natasha on or phone me on 07769 261154.